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I have a media inquiry – who do I contact? Expand to Read More

Media Inquiries should be directed to

Where do you operate? Expand to Read More

Florida Gulf & Atlantic (FGA) operates over 430 miles in the panhandle of Florida and into southern Georgia.

Grenada Railroad (GRYR) operates over 180 miles in north-central Mississippi.

How are Gulf & Atlantic Railways, LLC, FGA, and GRYR connected? Expand to Read More

Gulf & Atlantic Railways, LLC is the management company that provides support and oversight for the two railroads – Florida Gulf & Atlantic (FGA) and Grenada Railroad (GRYR).

How do I obtain a freight rate? Expand to Read More

If the shipment is for FGA in Florida/Georgia, contact Steve Laird at or 1-904-305-0038.

If the shipment is for GRYR in Mississippi, contact Jared Sleeth at or 1-504-421-5903.

I am interested in a facility along your line, who do I contact? Expand to Read More

Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad
Steve Laird
AVP Sales & Marketing

Grenada Railroad
Jared Sleeth
Director Sales & Marketing

How do I apply for a job? Expand to Read More

Check out our Careers page.

You can also search for open positions on Indeed.

I am a citizen and have a question or comment about your railroad (i.e. crossings, lights, noise, etc.). Who do I contact? Expand to Read More

Please contact

Who do I contact about billing issues? Expand to Read More
Where do I send my claim for damaged property? Expand to Read More